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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

That Was Fast!

As I said yesterday I have decided to post my daily weigh-ins this week. To my surprise, this morning's weigh in was a success. A BIG success!!!!  I weighed myself about 4 times in a row to make sure it was real. Here goes...


This made me happy. I guess Whitney was right when she told me last night I would be back in the 140s in no time! :-)  I am at work already, and I have finished my first bottle of water. Now off to get some coffee with splenda and non fat creamer so my employees will not think I am a grouch.  I will check in later after my work out.



  1. Good job so far this week! Woo hoo! I found your blog from a comment you left on Whitney's blog so you now have one more person cheering you on. I noticed that your posts don't have dates on them...can you go into your settings and add the date please? (It is a bit confusing without the dates.) Thanks and good luck!

  2. Thanks for pointing that out. The date was there, but it was too light too see it. I changed it, and I hope it is not confusing anymore. :) Thanks for joining me.

    You would not be able to help me figure out why my followers are not showing up would you? Some have mentioned they are currently follwoing me, but they are not showing up opn my page under my followers. Thank you!!!