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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thanks for Joining! (And Pictures)

Thank you to my two faithful followers so far.  Every little ounce of support helps! Today was once again a good one. After work the boyfriend and I did a great Jillian Michael's work out, and he fixed us a wonderful grilled chicken and zucchini dinner. I am so lucky to have a man who loves to cook. I feel as though I have my own personal chef.  :) 

I cannot wait for my official weigh in on Monday!! I have good feelings about it! 

Stay Tuned for my 2011/New Years post tomorrow.  I have so much to be thankful for, but yet so many things I need to take care of this coming year. 

Keep up the good work everyone,

Since I am trying to re-introduce myself here are some pictures from this past year. I was anywhere from 135 to 140 in this pictures! I can definitely see a difference, even with only 10 or 15 pounds. I cannot wait to get back to that point, and keep moving lower and lower. :) 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Did Something I Thought I Could NEVER Do...

So far, things are going well for me. I ran 3 rigorous miles yesterday, and spent a good 15 minutes in the sauna. Today, due to many errends to run after work, I did not make it to the gym, so I opted for a Jillian Michael's video instead. It kicked my bootie. I have been taking in about 8 bottles of water each day, and I have really re-shaped my eating habits. I feel like my body is going through some sort of detox this week. It really is a good feeling to re-kindle old, healthy habits.

I'm not stupid... I know this is only the second day, but I am so proud of myself for what I have accomplished yesterday and today.  I worked two 10 hour, stressful shifts; ran errends; did laundry; fit in two excellent work outs; spent time with my wonderful boyfriend 'J'; and I managed to keep a positive attitude through it all. Staying positive is key for me!!! It keeps me focused, and keeps me going.

I have to say though, my biggest accomplishement today has to be the fact that I did not even take a nibble from a few desserts that were brought into the office (carrot cake, cheese cake, chocolate chip cookies!!!!) Oh my, did they look delightful!  On top of that I stayed away from the free Chic-Fila bought for our staff today. This is something I thought I could NEVER do!!! Chic-Fila is a weakness of mine, along with sweets. I have to pat myself on the back a little for staying focused, and not giving in to the delicious temptation.

I kept my Promise... Before pics are up! Find them above.

Thanks Again!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sneak Peak...

I am at the office right now, but I wanted to check in and let you know my weigh in as as expected this morning. A WHAPPING 153!!!  UGH!!!

But today has been a very good day. I am on my 5th bottle of water, and I am more motivated than ever.

(I did not even sneak a piece of the red velvet cake someone brought in to the office today!!)  WOO HOO

Thanks for Reading,


Monday, December 26, 2011

Thank You Whitney!!!

After a long year and a half away I have finally returned to the blogging world. I last stopped posting the Spring of 2010, and much has changed in my life since then. I moved a to a new state, I started a new job, and I am in a new relationship. The one thing that has not changed is my challenge to stay fit and healthy. I stopped writing when I had reached 148 pounds, and even after blogging I got down to 135 pounds. But after the happiness and contentment of my new relationship mixed with some stressful work situations the pounds crept back on slowly but surely. I maintained my weight for a while, but then my bad habits caught up to me and it literally seemed like it took one week for me to put on ten pounds. It was not long before the work outs ceased, and the self-loathing set in. The "I hate myself" feelings mixed with the "I look Ugly" thoughts took control. I hated that I had come so far in my weight loss just to sabotage my own hard work. Every day that went by I made a promise to myself that "This will be the day! I will start eating right again and working out again today." I kept that promise to myself for about 3 hours of the day, and then I broke and shoved whatever I wanted into my mouth until I was full and uncomfortable. It was a cyclical problem. I would eat because I was down, and then I would get down because of how much I ate. It was never ending!!!  I began re-evaluating things, and thinking back to what I did back when I had lost weight previously. What kept me going??  Then I remembered the encouragement, and strength I gained from blogging. It was therapeutic and motivating. So, I have returned once again. I am ready to share my story of weight loss, health, and life in general.  I hope you will follow me on this adventure, as I attempt to lose these last 20+ pounds. I need all the help and support I can get.

Okay, so why did I title this post "Thank You Whitney?"  Well, Whitney over at  continued to comment on my blog after I was long gone. She does not know this, but each time I read her comments, and requests for a come back it gave me that little kick in the rear I needed at the time. Her words of encouragement, and her sweet remarks were ever so needed. I am grateful to her in so many ways for her support. So, THANK YOU WHITNEY! You helped me stay focused, and press on; and you were a BIG reason I returned to writing again.  :)

I am still in the beginning stages of getting the blog up-and-running. I will be posting Before Pics tomorrow evening, and I will be posting my first weigh in tomorrow as well.

I am very excited to re-gain my healthy lifestyle, and lose some major LBs.  Thank you for reading.  Now Let's do this!!!