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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Did Something I Thought I Could NEVER Do...

So far, things are going well for me. I ran 3 rigorous miles yesterday, and spent a good 15 minutes in the sauna. Today, due to many errends to run after work, I did not make it to the gym, so I opted for a Jillian Michael's video instead. It kicked my bootie. I have been taking in about 8 bottles of water each day, and I have really re-shaped my eating habits. I feel like my body is going through some sort of detox this week. It really is a good feeling to re-kindle old, healthy habits.

I'm not stupid... I know this is only the second day, but I am so proud of myself for what I have accomplished yesterday and today.  I worked two 10 hour, stressful shifts; ran errends; did laundry; fit in two excellent work outs; spent time with my wonderful boyfriend 'J'; and I managed to keep a positive attitude through it all. Staying positive is key for me!!! It keeps me focused, and keeps me going.

I have to say though, my biggest accomplishement today has to be the fact that I did not even take a nibble from a few desserts that were brought into the office (carrot cake, cheese cake, chocolate chip cookies!!!!) Oh my, did they look delightful!  On top of that I stayed away from the free Chic-Fila bought for our staff today. This is something I thought I could NEVER do!!! Chic-Fila is a weakness of mine, along with sweets. I have to pat myself on the back a little for staying focused, and not giving in to the delicious temptation.

I kept my Promise... Before pics are up! Find them above.

Thanks Again!

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