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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Infamous 146.6!!!!

This morning's weigh in was a great success. I guess home renovations really kicked my butt yesterday. Here are my morning weigh in results...


This number and I have had rounds before. I get to 146.6, and I either stay there, or I gain weight. Getting past this number will be a HUGE accomplishment. The next big number hurtle is 138. This is where I stayed all summer. The scale, nor my body would move!!!  This time I plan to make it past both numbers!!!



  1. Nice ! I know what you mean about being stuck! You got it this time !!! :)

    GO girl !

  2. haha what did I say about seeing those 140s again soon!!!! Congrats, you'll be in the 130s before you know it (although I can't promise the same overnight success, I know it'll happen for you soon - and hopefully for me too!). Thanks so much for the nice comment on my job post, and especially for offering to look around for Chapel Hill contacts. That would be AMAZING!!!