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Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012... Goals, Goals, and more Goals!!!

A New Year, and I am ready for it. I have so many things to be thankful for. 2011 was a pretty good year, but I think I like even numbered years better.  :)  I am really looking forward to this year, and I am ready to enjoy and cherish every minute of it. I do have some goals I would like to accomplish this year, but it frightens me to make them public because I fear I will not accomplish them. But, then again, making them public means I will be held accountable for them. Here goes...

1. Reach my goal weight of 125 by the end of May 2012. 
 I will be doing this simply by healthy eating and 6 days of heavy exercise. I will also be weighing myself     daily, but posting it weekly (on Mondays). Of course, I will be Blogging!!  This is such a huge source of motivation for me.

2. Running in the Ultimate Runner Races this Summer.
This is a BIG race. It involves 4 small races, and ends with a 5k. My boyfriend is an amazing runner, and he did this last summer. Though it makes me a bit nervous, I want to train for this.

3. Finish the Renovations on the house.
We are currently renovating, and we have much work ahead of us. I will post pictures along the way. We hope to be finished by this time next year. 

4. Pay off debt. Organize my finances.

5. Stop being so hard on myself.
 I struggle with this daily. I NEVER do enough in my eyes, and it produces a lot of stress. I want to accept what I can and can't do, and love myself for who I am not matter what. I realize I am not perfect; that I have flaws; and that I will make mistakes. I want to forgive and love myself despite these imperfections.

6. Take better care of my health.
I am terrible about forgetting to go tot he doctor for regular physicals, check-ups etc.  My mother became very sick recently, and it really was an eye opener about the outcome of not taking care of yourself.

The good news is that I am super pumped about these goals, and I know they are all realistic and attainable. The bad news is that many of the goals are repeats. I can remember this time last year I made many of these my 2011 goals. I accomplished a few, I almost accomplished a few more, and I did not accomplish some of them at all. I am hopeful this year will be different. I have definitely changed for the better this past year. I have an amazing and supportive boyfriend who loves me dearly, and gives me more motivation and unconditional love than I have ever been shown. I know I can do this! I am strong and focused. I am determined to enjoy living this year, and I am excited to share it with you all. Let's enjoy the ride! 

In the meantime, here are a few Christmas/New Years pictures from this year... 

Until Next Time,

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