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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back in the Gym (144.8)

I FINALLY went back to the gym today. It kicked my bootie, but it was worth it. I needed to sweat a little. I meant to take a "Proof I went to the Gym Picture," but I left my camera in the car, so I took a sweaty picture of me when I got back in my car after the track and sauna. Here you go...

Yep, that's me!  Nasty, sweaty, and tired after a 2.5 mile run and 15 minutes sweating it out in the sauna. After the gym I headed to one of my favorite places - PANERA BREAD! I met my wonderful friend Alicia there for dinner. She is also trying to lose weight, so it helps to have someone to talk to about the woes and thrills of the infamous "weight loss journey." Having accountability is key for me! I ate a delicious cafe classic salad with grilled chicken. It was delish!!!

Doesn't it look delightful????  :)

I did lose a little today, so that was encouraging! I also did well with the rest of my eating for the day, however I did have a fight with this little guy...

This bowl of evilness sits on my co-worker's desk. I loath it and love it all in one. I did a few pieces of this today, but I did not binge. Don't get me wrong; I thought about binging. I thought about stealing every last little drop of candy in that bowl and savoring every moment of it. But the awesome part is that I didn't. I only ate a few pieces throughout the day. I am hoping to stay away from it tomorrow completely. I bought some sugar free candy and gum to keep in my desk. I am hoping this will keep me from indulging in the chocolaty deliciousness of snickers, milk way, and twix!  We will see.  

I hope everyone had a great Tuesday. I will check in tomorrow.



  1. luckily my new employee and only real coworker has learned to stock her candy dish with crappy candy (read: no chocolate) I can avoid it most days but sometimes I find myself actually eating the bad candy that I dont even like! damn it!

  2. Great job on hitting the gym ! I have always wanted to try Panera Bread! Looks delish!!! :)

  3. Great job on avoiding a binge on that candy. Little pieces of candy are my nemesis, especially when I have a coffee in my hand. Coffee + chocolate is gooood. Way to go for hitting the gym!

  4. Hey I'm Rachel, a new follower. Awesome job on hitting the gym! I only have a gym membership in school since I'm only at home for a couple of month per year so I cannot wait to get back and hit the gym. Plus, they have a brand new one. So that helps :)

    Also, I absolutely LOVE Panera Bread! It's wonderful. I look forward to following your journey!


  5. Thank you for all of your sweet and encouraging words. They are very helpful! Welcome Rach!