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Sunday, January 08, 2012

First Week Blues...

You know that motivated, encouraged, determined feeling when you start over or start fresh. Yeah, I totally lost that feeling this past week. I woke up last Monday, weighed in and actually lost a ton of weight!  I was down from 153 to 147ish. Can we say WOW!!!!  I was overjoyed, but for some reason the motivation faded quickly, and the stress from the work week set in. I began eating poorly, and I did not visit the gym one time this week. When I began to eat poorly I lost my focus and determination. Needless to say, I feel GROSS! After a week of burgers, pizza, candy, cookies, popcorn, and nachos this body is really ready for some cleansing. I do regret my choices of this past week. That is all they were - poor choices. The way I feel tonight I think is enough motivation to get me back where I need to be, but I am taking it a day at a time. AND I am trying not to be too hard on myself, but I know I needed to do a little firm lecturing over my unhealthy choices of this past week. My goal still is to be down 20 by the end of May, and I know I can do it! No doubt. I am really learning how to love myself, and put myself first in all situations, including what I eat. Though I screwed up this past week, here are a few things I use to stay on track:

We keep a Monthly calendar where we write in our weight every day, but my "official" weigh in day is Monday. (I will post my starting weight tomorrow)

Look at that!!!  Under 150!  I am nervous to see my weight tomorrow!

These are some ways I keep from snacking at work. If I drink a ton of water with or without Crystal Light I find I feel full and do not want to snack. What are some things that you do?

On another note, I mentioned I am renovating and decorating my house. Here are a few of my latest little projects...

It may be hard to see, but This was a simple black shelf from home goods that I painted and aged with crackle paint. I LOVE LOVE it. I did another tonight. I will show them to you when they are completely done and hung.

These are nothing special... just a few projects we have been working on lately. Can you tell I am excited?!?!?  I will have to post some before pictures so you can see the BIG difference.

Alrighty, I am out!  I am ready to do well and feel good this week. I will talk to ya tomorrow.



  1. I know how you feel. It's so easy to feel really motivated at the beginning, but it's tough to keep it up after reality sets in. You can do this though, just try to focus on how good you feel when you eat right. I'm cheering for you, girl!

  2. Oh I so had the blues this morning! Since the start of the year I have been struggling. A good day, a bad day. And by bad, I mean eating and eating and eating. Sigh. So far today... I'm back on track. Now let's stay that way!

  3. I know what eating, and eating, and eating is like. today was a pretty good start. Not a great start, but a good one. Thank you both for your encouragement.