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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Little Bit of Everything

I have been living in a whirlwind for the past few days, therefore blogging has been put on the back burner somewhat. I have been reading, but I have had no time or energy for writing. This weekend has been interesting in the food/diet/exercise department. I have made some poor decisions, and needless to say I have been SCARED OF THE SCALE! I am trying not to be too hard on myself because while I made some poor decisions they could have been much worse when it really comes down to it. I also made some very healthy and wise decisions over the weekend. For example...

I said no to these in the break room Friday morning at work.

And I said no to these lovely treats today at the grocery store.

But I did cheat today and eat this.

(Yes, this is non-fat yogurt, but I filled that baby up and I even put M&Ms on it. There is nothing better than cold M&Ms. I am not quite sure how many calories this was, but it was A LOT. I do not think I want to know. It tasted delightful, and really, if I am going to cheat at all I could have chosen much worse treats to satisfy my cravings.  Side note: I did not eat it all, so that was good)  :)

This weekend was filled with dinner's out, but I ate very well both times. I also had a wonderful meal tonight for the Giants/Niners game. (my boyfriend spoils me, and makes the most amazing food)

What the boys ate...

Pork Baby back ribs. 

What my friend and I ate... (she is also trying to make healthy choices)

Mixed veggies and blacked chicken with Mango Salsa! It was to die for!!!!

I also got an excellent work out in today with the chatty Jillian Michael's. Her work outs rock, but she talks way too much. This video kicked my butt! I literally fell asleep afterwards due to exhaustion.  This was my choice for today... 50 minutes of pure hell!!!!

After writing this post I guess I did not do too bad after all. The one thing I neglected was the scale. I felt heavy and I just could not make myself get on it. I will let you all know what it reads tomorrow morning. I am a little nervous. But one thing I have been thinking about over this past week is that this has got to be about more than the number. It has got to be about my health, my life, and my well-being. 

Here is a picture of my last weigh in, so it will be interesting to see what tomorrow holds for me. But I want to really focus on creating a healthy life-style and making healthy decisions. This is more than just losing weight.

Here is where I was on Friday...

Not to shabby.

Goals for this week:

* Work Out HARD at least 4 times this week.
* Document all of my eating to help keep myself on track.
* 140 by the next weigh in

This post has been a little bit of everything, and a little all-over-the-place. Thanks for reading, and thanks for supporting! Here's to a new week!



  1. Looks to me like you did good. The food looked so yummy and your right there were worse decisions to make then some frozen yogurt. Also you made me kind of scared to even try jillian michaels work out now lol I need to find something fun and interesting. Good luck this week and keep up the good decisions.

  2. That Jillian workout is ROUGH! Love your dinner choice, sounds delish!

  3. You did SUCH a great job this week! What a way to make deliciously healthy choices! You go girl!

  4. Mmm...the chicken and vegetables look delicious! One thing I struggle with is my husband doesn't always care to eat healthy healthy. In all honesty, he is 120 lbs so I don't mind! And I just need to prepare his food, and mine healthier. Was this homemade mango salsa or store bought? Look forward to your future blots! I am brand new, just started mine and looking for people to follow. :)

  5. Your blog has given me beautiful insights on so many things. Keep up the good work. I am following your blog. You can also follow by blog -

  6. How can you say no to Donuts?! OMG! 143 is awesome! I'm 40 pounds heavier than you!


  7. Great job on saying no to the donuts!! That had to have taken some major will power!! :) I really struggle when the hubs is eating something different than me. He's not so into eating healthy either. Jillian Michaels is def no joke!! I am currently on day 23 of her 30 day shred and I've been fighting through everyday. Congrats on the 143!

    I just started blogging this week...If you have a minute or two and want to check it out it's called A THINderella Story :)